Rosemary Giles Family Lawyer (“RGFL”) is proud to be associated with local community endeavours.  Having an active interest in the promotion of family events, RGFL has sponsored some recent local pursuits.

In 2021, RGFL recently sponsored a number of participants in Write a Book in a Day competition which is a fundraising event for the Kid’s Cancer Project.  Groups from all over Australia participated in the challenge, writing a book in 12 hours to raise as much money as possible.  The books are printed and donated to children in hospital to give them hope and brighten their day.

If you are interested in reading about this event and even contributing to this cause please visit

RGFL also proudly sponsored Churchlands Senior High School in Pedal Prix held at the Bunbury City Cart Club in 2021 and 2022.

School teams from Bunbury and around the State raced human powered vehicle trikes over 6 hours without stopping except to change drivers or carry out adjustments.

“There’s no better word to describe how our Pedal Prix weekend went – perfect! The weather was great, the students were exceptional, and the race couldn’t have run more smoothly. Congratulations to everyone involved on a terrific campaign and I really hope all the students had a great time.”

RGFL are proud to continue their sponsorship of Black Marlin and The Goblin for all races this year.

Proudly Sponsoring ‘The Bunbury Cup’

Rosemary Giles is a proud sponsor of the local artistic rollerskating competition ‘The Bunbury Cup’, held at The Rink and presented by the Bunbury Rollerskating Club. The photo below represents the competition with development skaters contributing to a fun and healthy way to compete and stay fit.